Can the PM do no wrong?

Indians, all around the world, celebrate 68 years of Indian Independence. I am one of them and I feel very proud to be an Indian. One of my very close friends says - "You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of the Indian". And I am going through a similar emotion at the moment. To a great extent - this emotion is being driven by listening to the Independence day speech by the Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi.

Modi - If you recall won the general elections in a landslide a couple of months ago. And that was in no little way - due to the charisma of Modi and the deep feeling of wanting change by the populace of India. Something needs to be said about the charisma of Modi. His speeches on the election trail evoked so much hope that election victory beat even the most of conservative of estimates. Social media also played a huge role in ensuring victory for Modi. It is established that Modi is an excellent orator and can evoke a range of emotions in the crowd - from inspiration to hope to euphoria.

It does seem that the PM can do no wrong - there are stories abuzz on social media, about how Modi has brought about change in the way the Government works, in the way programs are implemented and in the way the outlook of Indians in India and abroad has changed because of him. I hope this era of hope and confidence brings about the positive change that we as "Indians" - so far have only dreamed about. And for this sake - I hope the PM really does no wrong!

Can someone ...

... trained to be a leader?

Is leadership an acquired skill? Or is it in-born? One can definitely be trained to be a good worker; a skilled worker; but a leader ... I do not know. It sometimes seems stupid to me that I see these sessions for leadership skills. People pay huge amounts of money to go on these sessions and I am not sure they come out as leaders.

I am not discounting the value of these sessions, they may definitely make me a better leader if I already am one. But then if I am not a leader - I am so because I am good at it. So...

So... in effect - I think leadership is either a quality that I possess or I do not possess ... what say?

Mumbai 26/11, 27/11, 28/11 and continued to 29/11

Is this the beginning of the end of the great Indian "sleep"? The Indian establishment sleeps through most events till a jolt like that of the terror attacks wakes it up. But does it really wake up? 1993, 2001 and now again 2008 and we allowed it to happen again. We were in no ambiguous terms caught sleeping.

Vir Sanghvi writes in the longest day that this will prove to be the day that changed all the rules. An excerpt below:

"Guesswork in the aftermath of a tragedy is always a risky business. But I wager that when the time comes to write the history of modern India, 26/11 will be remembered as the turning point in our attitude to terror. It will be remembered as the day when we Indians came to terms with vulnerability.
And, with a bit of luck, as the day when we demanded that those in charge of protecting us either did the job they were supposed to or left it to somebody more capable.
The government must realise that this is not just another terrorist strike. This one has changed all the rules, both in terms of the impact it has had on the Indian psyche and in the anger and fear that now course through our veins.
No more promises. No more speeches. It’s time to act."

But did it really change the rules? Will the sleeping giant that is India wake up and keep its eyes open? Will we as one voice let this continue?

More questions at this time than answers...
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Mumbai - 26/11 & 27/11 and now continues to 28/11

Sad and Depressing - these terrorists have succeeded in spreading terror and holding the media attention for more than 24 hours. In addition they continue to rub it in to the intelligence agencies who had no clue about this particular attack. This is a gauntlet thrown at the security forces and the intelligence agencies, to see if they can get to the bottom of this.

Or will it be another episode where Indians get on with their lives and again make a big hue and cry when such an incident happens again.

Only time will tell...
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Mumbai - 26/11 continues... to 27/11

This is the sad part - that we have become so accustomed to terror attacks and each one feels that "this cannot happen to me - I am above all this" till it happens to me. All of us (each one of us included) will let this fire of vengence die and get on with our lives; till it happens again.

The politicians who sell us out now will again come into power again and will sell us out again. We will again get on with our lives calling ourselves resilient. I don't remember the last time we - as a nation - were moved collectively; maybe it was when former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. Even then the party that came into power was happy that the "sympathy vote" was with them.

It is so sad to see the charade the politicians - including the bigwigs in New Delhi are putting up and trying to garner support for electoral gains in this tragedy. Even if they are saying that they are all united in his, you can see shades of blame already being passed around. Again those who are caught in between are the poor cops who are doing their best in every possible situation.

Is there a solution for all this?

reproduced on from a comment on Vikram Hazra's blog
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Mumbai 26/11

This is probably the most disturbing news I have ever heard. If the terrorists succeeded in spreading terror in the "Never Say Die" spirit of Mumbai; the news networks helped them by their coverage.

Sensationalizing an already worse situation does not help anybody's spirit. This is probably the worst kind of terror that I have seen being spread by the news networks.

What else can I do - but pray ...
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